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Frances Kay-Lambkin

Thanks for this suggestion, Stephen – agreed!

The ISRII members firstly need to know the Forum exists, and we need to work out what we want them to use it for. Pepijn made some suggestions in his website specifications document:
o Use forum for special interest groups (already 3 groups established). This may create momentum.
I agree and like this suggestion – are all 3 SIGs set up with a separate forum? I’ll check!

o ‘Ask the expert’ link to forum topic?

I also like this idea, and I wonder if we could link it to an “in press” paper in Internet Interventions, and maybe have an author available to discuss their paper/research in more detail??

o Allow members to post jobs (empty forum available)

Great idea again – perhaps we could call it “current opportunities” or something like that, and have members also posting information about awards, any international/collaborative grant opportunities as well?

o Quarterly digest on most notable information on forum through general email list? This would require some effort from moderators, but may assist in directing ISRII members to the forum.

Top idea as well…I wonder if the “President’s Blog” could do this?? I’d be happy to look at and summarise our most population discussion topics??

I also wonder if another option is to keep people updated (and have them contributing) to the ISRII 2017 conference planning?? Perhaps after each LOC meeting, we (I) could post an update, and seek feedback on things we are wanting to introduce?