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Action items – August 2016 Board Meeting

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    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Great to chat this morning everyone – thanks for your contributions. In lieu of the full minutes of our Board meeting, here is a quick summary of the action items arising from our meeting today:

    FKL to check in with Pepijn about members of website committee (?do we need to “nudge” any volunteers)
    Board members to review ISRII website and identify areas for updating/review/addition. September Board meeting will focus on this.

    FKL to contact David Ebert for suggestion of a “volunteer” to join the membership committee

    FKL to contact Gerhard/Heleen (with cc to Mark and Stephen) regarding Seattle Special Issue (including the SIG submissions), and with an update on the proposal for conference papers for 2017 ISRII conference

    ISRII 2017
    FKL to formally invite Sally Merry’s group to host ISRII 2019, and to request a nomination for the 2017 LOC
    FKL to “convene” the LOC for ISRII 2017 and confirm date for 2017 conference

    FKL to circulate descriptions of the 4 SIGS to the Board.
    Mark to contact SIG leaders regarding wants/needs from the ISRII Board

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