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Action items – November 2016 Board Meeting

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    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Thanks again to everyone for a lively discussion today, and for working so hard in between meetings to keep our momentum going.

    Here is a list of action items that we discussed during today’s meeting:

    Special Issue ISRII Seattle in Internet Interventions
    Stephen to keep progressing this for the Design Special Issue, and to look for opportunities to include thematically-relevant papers from the ISRII Seattle conference into this issue.

    Update on ISRII 2017
    David/Mark to discuss publication fees or alternatives with Elsevier and Gerhard/Heleen in relation to the Computer Science paper submission process.
    David to approach Board members about keynote suggestions for the conference.
    Pepijn will progress ISRII Throw-down proposal with a view to starting collaborations in combination with the workshop program/Design SIG, with rewards being student memberships.
    FKL/David to think about Industry collaboration/sponsorship for ISRII Throw-down.
    Sally/David/FKL to liaise with Michael Krausz regarding collaboration and a formal event with WPA on Wednesday 13 October.
    David to provide Pepijn with a photo/image for the ISRII 2017 conference so that promotion and “save-the-date” emails can be distributed.

    Tonya to finalise membership survey so that it can be sent out in December.
    FKL/Pepijn to liaise with Tonya about emailing membership regarding survey.
    Tonya to work with early career members to propose an Early Career Council to advise the Board (conference events, website, other standing issues).
    FKL to circulate ISRII priority areas to Board and Tonya will pass this onto the Early Career Council for consideration.

    Pepijn to prepare specifications document to update digest functions on ISRII website.
    FKL to provide “president’s update” to Pepijn by November 30.
    Pepijn to distribute questions for video “interviews” with experts to Board for comment.

    Special Interest Groups
    Jeroen, Stephen, and Mark will meet to discuss SIGs.

    ISRII Slate
    FKL to finalise and submit to Board by December.

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