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    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Hi all!
    I’ve just been going through the ISRII SugarSync documents, and have identified several that we, in order to participate as an ISRII Board of Director, need to review and agree too.

    These are: whistleblower, conflict of interest, by-laws, code of ethics, governance minutes and records, fundraising, executive compensation, document retention and destruction.

    It looks like I’ll need to generate a couple of documents for us each to sign (one for declaring any COIs, and another that we have read and reviewed the relevant policy documents, and agree to abide by these)…which is easy to do. I haven’t done this previously, and I can only find COIs for current BOD members Heleen and Kate, so I think we will all have to do this.

    I will email you these documents separately (I don’t think I can upload them here) and of course we all need to review them and feel comfortable agreeing to them.

    I wonder what you think, though, about each one of us taking a policy and reviewing it in detail, and then presenting a summary of the main points/implications for the BOD – perhaps via the Forum? Maybe also make suggestions as to whether the policy needs updating? It looks like they were developed back in 2011.

    Thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

    Pepijn Van De Ven

    Hi Frances,

    Thanks for kicking this off and good to see some activity on the forum! 🙂

    I’ll look into the attaching of documents. If this is possible we could make these sticky so they remain at the top of the topic for future reference.

    I saw that in the fundraising pdf there is mention of the template name ‘ABC Nonprofit’. Some of the clauses in the Document Retention and Destruction Policy aren’t applicable to us (e.g. on membership docs as we do not have membership application forms). So yes, fully agree with doing a quick review! 🙂



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    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Thanks for uploading these documents, Pepijn! Great feature!

    Here are the documents I need each Board Member to sign and email back to me at f.kaylambkin@unsw.edu.au to indicate your agreement with these policies and to declare conflicts of interest.

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    Sally Merry

    HI Frances and Pep

    Thanks for getting this going. I am not entirely sure how I got onto the forum, but hope to get better at doing this less serendipitously in the future! I will try and get through these documents in the next week or so.


    Kate Cavanagh

    hi Francis – Following your suggested idea that we each take one policy document to review…

    i took pot luck and started with the ethics policy.

    The overall principles of the policy appear sound, but some of the items appear more relevant to the times when ISRII hired a management company – so for the time being those items could be removed. They may need to be replaced with items relevant to the current management structure. For example:

    Shall “Recognize that the Board member’s job is to ensure that the Society is well
    – managed, not to manage the Society” – i assume in the absense of a management company, it is in fact the board’s job to manage the society?

    Shall not “Interfere with the duties of the Executive Director undermine the Executive Director’s
    authority” – not relevant whilst we dont have an Executive Director?

    Shall “Vote to hire the best possible person to manage the Society” – could be changed to ‘Vote to appoint the best possible person to be president of the Society’

    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Thank you SO much Kate – I really appreciate your thoughts and your time in reviewing the ethics document. These are important changes – I’ll make these and upload the revision.
    Hope you are well,

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