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    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    During the ISRII 2016 conference, Pepijn, David, and I met to talk through the information we would like to ask members for, which will feed into a searchable membership directory via our website. We have much of this information already. We would also like the ISRII community to indicate their willingness to share aspects of their work and expertise as part of their profiles, and to have this information searchable by visitors to the ISRII website. Attached is a document that lists this information. Attached is the document Pepijn sent around in April 2016 regarding the specifications of the database – please review and provide comment.


    VIKTOR: I agree with Mark that simply listing areas of expertise might be easier for people to do rather than also thinking about what they are “willing to share” and about what “share” really means in this context. But some indication of ones interest to collaborate might of course be of value.

    DAVID: The idea behind is that we´re looking for possibilities to create value of the ISRII membership.
    Of course stating simply expertise is easier. But especially for young members of the community is think it would be of great value to know who of all these experts in the ISRII is indeed willing to collaborate by for example sharing the content of an intervention also for other researchers, or by providing a technical platform or by investing time to consult on a trial design etc.

    SALLY: Re the “willing to share” issue – I like the idea but also find I already field a lot of queries , and while I would like to be helpful and am keen to collaborate the email traffic makes it hard to get back – for example – to a lot of masters students from around the world – much as I would like to. On the other hand it has been great to discuss ideas with you all – and I do find my availability fluctuates. I wonder if it would be possible to switch on and off the “willing to share” option if we went with this – a bit like some journals have an option for reviewers to opt out for a bit to try and catch up.

    HELEEN: I have some doubts about the ‘sharing’ option due to what Sally’s says. Next, I think all researchers want to share in a way, this is part of being a researcher, to add some steps to get in contact is maybe a good idea in order to avoid too easy or compelling emails.

    VIKTOR: Formulating it as ”share/collaborate” might solve the problem. Then it does not imply that you are always willing to give away your expertise without anything in return. But sometimes of course you might.

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    Kate Cavanagh

    Hi All

    I think this is a great idea.

    Makes sense to be able to chose whether or not you want your info visible on the data base, and to be able to change this manually as and whenever you want to.

    I wouldnt expect it to generate floods of novel requests for help, as info about each of us, what we do and our contact details is already readily available to anyone who has a bit of a google.

    If there was a ‘free-text’ section that members could complete in their profile then this could include more detail about what individuals would be willing to offer/share/collaborate at the present time to support young researchers etc.

    Best wishes, Kate

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