ISRII 12th Scientific Meeting - Poster Presentation Details

ISRII Poster Image


    • Poster boards will have 6 panels (3 panels on each side).
    • One poster will be displayed on one panel.
    • The panel dimensions are width of 2.757 ft (.84 m) x length of 3.898 ft (1.19 m).
    • It is recommended to use a font that can be read from a distance of 2-3 ft.
    • Please be sure that the POSTER TITLE and the AUTHOR(S)' NAMES appear at the top of the poster.
    • If you are invited to present your poster with a 3-minute presentation, please upload your presentation by May 24 so it can be pre-loaded on the computer in your presentation room. Use the ISRII Meeting Submission Portal to upload your presentation.

Interested in having your poster printed locally?

Troy Marketing
Business Centre
University of Limerick

T: +353 61 338 284


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
(Closed Monday, June 3rd)

Closed for lunch: 1 – 2pm

Printing options for your individual poster are available through Troy Marketing at the University of Limerick.

If you would like to have your poster printed by Troy Marketing, please send your information and poster PDF to by May 20th and include in your email that you will be presenting at the ISRII Scientific Meeting.

Posters printed by Troy Marketing will be available on Friday, May 31st prior to the start of Monday, June 3rd presentations. ISRII staff will be available on Friday the 31st to collect any posters printed by Troy Marketing and will be distributed to you in time of the Scientific Meeting.