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    Johannes Laferton

    There are many things that make Berlin such a great city to be at. The food scene is definitely one of them and has lived up to fulfill the wildest dreams of my foodie heart for the last two and a half years now.

    The food landscape in Berlin has evolved within the last 10+ years and has become a top food lover destination. Among all the creativity and dedication the best thing to me is, that Berlin offers a wide variety of food: From top notch fine dining (e.g. Time Raue was featured in Chefs Table and in 2016 alone 3 Berlin restaurants received a Michelin Star) to authentic street food, featuring cuisines from all over the world. Yet another upside are the relatively low prices compared to other cities around the globe.

    So, are you hungry now? Craving for a great food adventure?

    Here are my tips to not get disappointed:

    Of course, like everywhere there are going to be (tourist-)traps.

    How to avoid them:

    My most trusted source is the food blog of Per Meurling. He has become one of the top food bloggers in Berlin, writes in English and his website offers a food map, searches for food by destination, cuisine, top-lists (including the EATER TOP 50 Berlin) and most importantly: It has never disappointed me so far!


    For a more vivid inspiration you might also want to watch the munchies guide to Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_wD0fbJphQ&list=PLnPDn1Lb79JFaghHZe1rL5MCIYA7o2uu1


    PS: If you are unsure about attire for eating out. Don’t worry Berlin is a very laid back place. In most places, even some of the fine dining ones, you can easily wear casual attire.

    Johannes Laferton

    if you want to know whats new in the Berlin fine dining departmetn, check out this posting about 5 new fine dining destinations in Berlin…

    Pepijn Van De Ven

    Hi Johannes,

    Thanks for your insights in one of the most important aspects of any meeting! In general, for groups of say, up to 10 people, is it necessary to reserve a table for dinner if one is not too picky about the venue?

    Many thanks,


    Johannes Laferton

    Hi Pepijn!

    Thank your for your question.

    Unfortunately, I have no experienece at all with eating in such “large” groups. I usually go in groups of 2-4 people. If you are picky about your venue, I’d say reserveations for groups of 4 or more are strongly advised.

    With regard to your scenario, I´d say it´s probably possible to find something after all, most likely in the more touristy areas and hotel restaurants. However, I am only guessing here, sorry.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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