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The ISRII goals include the following:

  • Promotion and sharing of ideas and experiences among those interested in internet intervention research
  • Support of collaboration to protect integrity and to enhance development, quality and dissemination of internet interventions
  • Development of strategic directions for the field of internet intervention research
  • Commitment to increased public awareness
  • Development of standards and quality criteria for internet interventions
  • Access to the results of internet intervention research

To learn more about the aims and directions of ISRII, click here to read a peer-reviewed paper in JMIR written by the executive committee of ISRII:
Ritterband LM, Andersson G, Christensen HM, Carlbring P, Cuijpers P. Directions for the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII). J Med Internet Res 2006;8(3):e23.

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