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FAQ – Internet Interventions

What are Internet Interventions?

Internet Interventions is a broad term meant to encompass not only web-based behavioral and mental health treatment programs, but also all eHealth and information and communication technologies such as mobile and wireless devices and applications, digital gaming, virtual reality, remote sensing, and robotics.

What problems can be treated with Internet Interventions?

Internet Interventions have been evaluated and are used to treat an increasingly wide range of behavioral, mental health and medical problems, such weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and issues related to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few.

Who provides Internet Interventions?

The professionals involved in researching, developing and delivering Internet Interventions include health care providers, patient advocates, technologists and others. ISRII members represent a wide spectrum of individuals dedicated to making these treatments available around the globe through the use of technology.