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Do-it-yourself – Using Available Survey Platforms to Build & Test Digital Interventions

Want to deploy digital health interventions by your own but uncertain where to start? This is the webinar for you.

In this webinar, ISRII researchers will showcase research projects in which they built and test an entire intervention using commonly accessible survey platforms (like Qualtrics, Lime-Survey, Survey-monkey, and Red-Cap).

Or in short, learn how to do it yourself!

The topics covered will include:

  • Case studies showcasing interventions that were built and tested using survey platforms.
  • Creating interventions that resemble mobile apps and making them downloadable through the Google Play Store.
  • Implementing both single- and multiple-session interventions.
  • Measurements and testing.
  • Creating if-then statements to deliver tailored/personalized interventions.


Amit Baumel Headshot

Amit Baumel, PhD

Dr. Baumel is an Associate Professor and a licensed clinical psychologist who directs the Digital Interventions Psychology Lab at the Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, Israel. His research focuses on methods to increase user engagement with unguided digital programs and on developing metrics to assess program quality. Amit has created several programs that have been utilized by tens of thousands of individuals. Among these are a digital parent training program and a program that trains volunteers to support women with perinatal depression. He also developed the Enlight suite of quality rating scales and co-founded the MindTools.io website, which showcases quality ratings of eHealth programs.



Philip Chow, PhD

Dr. Chow is an Associate Professor at the Center for Behavioral Health & Technology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His research interest includes the use of mobile technology in monitoring and alleviating distress for various health issues, with a special focus on cancer populations.  He is also interested in how mobile technology can be used to increase access and reach to vulnerable populations. In addition to mobile health research, Dr. Chow has expertise in the fields of emotion and personality traits.



Lou Farrer, PhD

Dr. Farrer is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Research at The Australian National University, Australia. Her research involves the development, evaluation, and implementation of digital mental health interventions in community, clinical, and educational settings. She is specifically interested in how digital mental health tools are used in clinical practice by mental health service providers. She also leads research focusing on digital interventions for university students.


Tomer Savir, MA

Tomer is a PhD student at the Department of Community Mental Health at University of Haifa, Israel, and a clinical psychology intern. Tomer has a unique experience working with available survey platforms. His research focuses on preferences towards different mental health interventions and factors influencing them within the context of a self-administered digital screening tool. He also explores the impact of such screening as a beneficial single-session intervention.