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2011 Presentations – Sydney, Australia

The Y-WorriPilot Project: e-couch Anxiety and Worry Program in Schools
Calear, Alison L.

TEAMS: A Randomised Controlled Trial of an Online Intervention to Promote Mental Health Help-Seeking in Elite Athletes
Gulliver, Amelia

Preventing depression with email-based promotion of self-help: An interim report of the Mood Memos RCT
Morgan, Amy

The OCD Program: Internet-based Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Wootton, Bethany

Experiences of dropping out from Internet delivered therapy
Paxling, Bjorn

Internet delivered cognitive behavior therapy vs. Internet deliverd psychoanalytic therapy for generalized anxiety disorder – which is more cost-effective?
Paxling, Bjorn

Internet Delivered Universal and Targeted Healthy Weight Regulation/body image and Eating Disorder Prevention Programs for High School Students: Some thoughts from the trenches
Taylor, C Barr

Motivation for Therapy Amongst Teenagers Completing the Brave-Online Program
Donovan, Caroline

Helping Patients to Sustain Changes: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Transdiagnostic Internet based Maintenance Treatment after Inpatient Psychotherapy in a RCT
Ebert, David

The Effect of Telephone Coaching on Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder
Mohr, David

Consumers’ Experiences of an Online Clinical Assessment Schedule
Nguyen, David

Families and Friends a free online psychology program to support caregivers of individuals with mental illness
Proctor, Dawn

Web-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Substance Use Disorders: A Randomized Trial of Going Forward
Billings, Doug

Evaluating the effectiveness of guided CCBT in the Netherlands (Beating the Blues): design of a randomized trial
Parriger, Esther

Using the Internet to Provide Insomnia Treatment for Cancer Survivors
Thorndike, Frances

Expert views on the appropriateness of evidence-based Internet interventions for Latinos with mental health problems in the US; overview of barriers and solutions
van’t land, Hedda

Optimism Apps the Consumer Perspective
Bishop, James

Web-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Postnatal Depression
Milgrom, Jeannette

Online Expressive Writing for Diabetes
Crawford, Joanna

RE-FRAME-IT: The development of a randomised controlled trial testing an e-health intervention on suicide risk among school students
Robinson, Jo

Security of Internet Interventions: Why Researchers Should Care and What They Need to Know
Bennett, Kylie

A Systematic Approach to Development of Sponsored Search Strategies
Kassam-Adams, N.

Usability of an Online Group Therapy Intervention for the Treatment of Depression in Australian Adults
Arrow, Kerry

The Promise of Mobile & Social Technologies to Improve Individual and Population Health
Patrick, Kevin

The OnTrack Diabetes Program: An Automated Online Intervention For Type 2 Diabetes & Dysphoria Management
Cassimatis, Mandy

Instructional Design and Internet Interventions: A Systematic Process for Effective Learning Outcomes
Hilgart, Michelle

Does a Moderated Online Discussion Group Help? A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet-Based Intervention for College Women at Risk for Eating Disorder Onset
Trockel, Mickey

The myCompass program
Proudfoot, Judy

Considerations When Developing Internet Interventions
Laiacona, Nicholas

Empowerment of personal injury victims
Elbers, Nieke

Protocol for an online intervention for psychostimulant misuse
Tait, Robert

Web-Based Intervention for Cannabis Use
Rooke, Sally

The OnTrack Depression Program: Pilot study of an online treatment for depressive mood and relapse
Ruddell, Scott

Online Chat and Email Support for Gambling: Client Characteristics
Rodda, Simone

Disseminating Self-Help: Positive Psychology Exercises in an Open Online Trial
Schueller, Stephen

Unguided e-therapy for adults with depressive symptoms: IPT vs. CBT
Donker, Tara