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Clubbing in Berlin

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    Johannes Laferton

    Let`s face it, a huge amount of travelers and people moving to Berlin just come here for clubbing. And there is a reason form that: Berlin is a Mekka for techno music and hase some of the best techno clubs in the world. And it’s not just about the high quality of the music but for the atmosphere, the creative design the people and all those things that make Berlin club culture so amazing. And if you bring a lot of stamina you do not have to stop raving at all. Many Clubs run 24 hours during the weekend and there a so many of them that you could dance your way from Thursday night to Tuesday moring without going home. The good thing about that, you could also go dancing on a sunny Sunday afternoon (most clubs have outdoor areas), which has the advantage of shorter cuing lines and the chance to chatch some good night sleep before work on Monday.

    There surely are bigger experts than me, but here are some general recomendations:

    To find out who is playing were or what kind of event is on for tonight check <a href=”https://www.residentadvisor.net/events.aspx?ai=34″>resident advisor</a>

    They also have a list of clubs in Berlin, but there are so many of them noone in the world will make it to all of them. So here are some personal recomendations:

    1. Berghain: http://www.berghain.de
    Obviously the wordl famous Berghain has to come first, not much more needed to say.
    Runs from Friday (only Panorama Bar to Monday moring). Best time to go is Sunday afternoon until closing (less tourists)

    2. Sisyphos: https://sisyphos-berlin.net
    Another great place to go. Besides great music it hase a fantastic outside area to sit around at a pond, around a campfire and many more beautiful things. It is like a playground for adults who love techno.

    3. Kater Blau: http://www.katerblau.de
    Kater is, like the other two, a place with some of the finest techno music in the city. If you need a break from dancing you can hang out on a porch right next to the spree

    There are many more great clubs to go to, here is a non exhaustive list: Wilde Renate, about blank, IPSE, Mensch Meier, Griesmühle, Rummelsburg, KitKatClub, Tresor, Watergate, … and many more

    Now some gereral suggestions:
    When to go: Usually the top DJ-Set starts at 3 or 4 am. So most people will go around 1 or 2. This could mean that you will have to cue for quite some time. Your are lucky if its 30 mins. But even 1 or 2 hours are totally worth it, trust me and bring some Beers for the wait.
    Alternatively, go in the moring or the afternoon.

    What to wear:
    That is a topic that has been extensively debated (especially with a foucus of increasing the chances of getting in). there is no golden rule. It`s easier to point out the DONT’S: do not were heels, or shirts or anything that is fancy. To colorful might also not be your best option.
    DO: wear shoes that you are comfotable dancing in.
    I am not going into a big debeate of what to wear and what not to wear. But it might help if you do look Berlinish. Or to make it easy (although this is not the only option) wear all black.

    Getting in:
    Obviously the biggest fear of everyone who has just cued for an hour. Again there is no simple rule, but some things might help: The Bouncer most likely is going to judge wheter you are going to have a good time inside. Apart form that, it depends on the mix of people in the club. Therefore it is never entirely predictable. I would sugget to be friendly, happy and respectful (but not in a pretend way). Do not go in Big groups (4 people is ok). Do not touch the Bouncer. Do not discuss your rejection. I might help to know what kind of event is going on and what kind of DJs are playing.
    Never mind if you won`t get in, that happens to the best. Just go to a different place, it is going to be amazing.

    One last important thing: Do not go to any of those places if you are not a tolerant person. You wont have fun and the others wont either.

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