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With the (double) Brexit a fact, where do we go to?

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    Unfortunately, given the fallout from the Brexit, Lucy Yardley feels unable to commit to organising the 2017 conference in the UK in such an uncertain environment (her University, for example, is already changing policies and practices). Frances, Heleen and Tonya, met to discuss a plan of action that will involve: identifying alternative venues for the conference (we have 2 possibilities identified already, but welcome other suggestions), and meeting with Elsevier in the next week or so to have a close out discussion about ISRII 2016 and to determine interest in partnering with us for the 2017 conference (including preferred locations).

    Any suggestions for locations?

    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    Tonya and I have just spoken with Nigel (Elsevier) about the ISRII 2016 conference and plans going forward.

    Both Amsterdam (June 2017) and Berlin (October 2017) are highly attractive options for the 2017 conference from Elsevier’s perspective, and they have organised several conferences in both of these cities previously. Logistically is a short run in for the Amsterdam option, which is not ideal, but Elsevier can work with, but from their perspective, both option are highly viable.

    Lucy is happy to host the 2019 ISRII.

    Frances Kay-Lambkin

    It’s Berlin 2017!!

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