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2009 Presentations – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Master your mood (Gripopjedip): Online group course for adolescents with depressive complaints
van der Zanden, R.

‘Drinking Less? do-it-yourself!:’ Effectiveness of a television supported course
Kramer, J.

Can electronic feedback reduce student alcohol intake? A multi-site investigation of Unitcheck
Bewick, Bridgette

E-Health: An Organizational Perspective or: No Innovation without Cooperation
Meijnckens, Liesbeth

Reducing Suicidal Thoughts Effectiveness of a Web-Based Self-Help Intervention: A RCT.
Spijker, Bregje

Donovan, Caroline

Self-help therapy for insomnia: a meta-analysis
van Straten, Annemieke

Self-Help and Psychoeducational Online Resources
Grohol, John

Developing complex internet interventions to change behaviour: using think aloud studies for theoretical modelling
Yardley, Lucy

SMS-feedback helps to support therapy of aversive tension states and tinnitus
Mussgay, L.

mobile monitoring and coaching
Sorbi, Marjolijn

E-therapy for adults with depressive symptoms: IPT vs. CBT
Donker, Tara

E mental health in primary care
Boerema, Ina

Interactive psychological analysis methods within a web-based intervention for wellbeing management
Kaipainen, Kirsikka

Dunov: iPod coach for people with autism
Timmer, Leo

The Therapeutic Value of Blogging by Adolescents Suffering From Social Difficulties
Boniel-Nissim, Meyran

Online support for young people with a family member affected by mental illness
Drost, Louisa

Mastery over dementia: Online counselling for family caregivers of people with dementia
Pot, Anne

Internet based treatment of eating disorders, looking back and looking forward
Lam, Tony

Online forum for problem drinkers
Westendorp, Heleen

Online survey about alcohol and other drug websites
Klein, Britt

Developing a theory based internet intervention for persistent and relapsing depression
Linke, Stuart

Realist literature review of cCBT for prevention and early intervention in anxiety and depression
McKeown, Amy

Disease burden, preventive cognitive therapy & development of an online intervention
van der Kamp, Lillian

The Shyness Program Internet-Based Treatment for Social Phobia
Titov, Nickolai

Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse in the Workforce: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Web-based Smart Rx Program
Cook, Royer

Roles of Web, mobile and monitoring technologies in personalized management of psychophysiological wellbeing
Mattila, Elina

How do women with depressive symptoms use an on-line self-help program?
Lara, Asunción

Web-guided self help in South African communities who have little access to mental health services
Hof, Edith

Empowering the impaired through Internet, Computer/ICT
Sanyal, Ishita

Coping with parental cancer
van der Linden, Mecheline

Treatment of depression via interactive media: A program for NASA
Cartreine, James

Online Treatments for Depression: A Randomised Controlled Trail on an Adult Student Population – Preliminary findings
Richards, D.

Who becomes depressed? A longitudinal web-based study on risk factors for depression
Jacobs, Nele

AfterTheInjury.org: Evaluating impact on parent knowledge and coping assistance
Kassam-Adams, Nancy

Preventing Mental Health Problems in Youth: The YouthMood Project
Calear, Alison

Defense Against the Dark Side:Confronting Deception and Disruption in Online Groups
Pector, Elizabeth

Promoting positive parenting: Using the web and media-based approaches to increase access the population level
Calam, Rachel

Post-RCT implementation of FearFighter‚Ñ¢ in Primary Care Trusts across England
Palmili, Luca

Empowerment of personal injury victims
Elbers, Nieke

Economic evaluation of unsupported computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for depression
Gerhards, Sylvia

Use and costs of an on-line intervention for alcohol: DYD-RCT
Murray, Elizabeth

Mental health@work
Rebergen, David

Internet Interventions for the Workplace: Results of Randomized Trials of Three Web-Based Multimedia Health Programs
Cook, Royer

Strong at work: A preventive e-mental health stress intervention for mental health workers
Bool, Martijn

Computerised cognitive behavioural therapy at work: a randomised controlled trial in employees with recent stress-related absenteeism
Grime, Paul

FaPMI: Online Introduction to online care for children and their parents of Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness
Speetjens, Paula

Prevention of depression and anxietyin adolescents
Hoek, W.

MoodGYM & e-couch –The framework behind them
Bennett, Anthony

Kessler, David

Tailored cognitive behavior E-health therapy for chronic somatic conditions
Evers, Andrea

Pilot study: Online selfhelp treatment of depression in MS (multiple sclerosis)
Nieuwenhuis, Lenka

Online health coaching: Can EMH prevent employees from getting ill? What interventions are effective?
Willems, Mark

Webzorg: an unique offer within E-mental Health
Bosma, Meine

The VirtualClinic: Results of 16 Australian clinical trials, lessons learned, and future plans
Andrews, Gavin

Trauma TIPS: A brief web-based early intervention to prevent PTSD in injured trauma patients: Preliminary results
Mouthaan, Joanne

The efficacy of using on line mental health services in the treatment of survivors of natural disaster events and in community based disaster preparedness training
Davis, Michelle

Computer-assisted interviewing to facilitate communication with children: In My Shoes
Calam, Rachel

JellinekLive: Outcome of internet based self-help for problematic cannabis users
Blankers, Matthijs

‘What Do You Want With Weed?’ Evidence-based cannabis self-help website for adolescents
ter Huurne, E.

Working with teenagers: Denial and Terror or Trial and Error
Müller, M.

Improving adherence and effectiveness of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy without support for depression: A qualitative study on patient experiences
Gerhards, Sylvia

Cost-effectiveness of internet-based vs. group treatment in subthreshold depression
Spek, Viola

The StopSite: A web-assisted self-help intervention for smoking cessation
Van Emst, A.

A randomized trial comparing two Internet-based smoking cessation programs
Etter, Jean-François

Ambulatory Assessment of Subjective State with Mobile Phone Short Message Service
Wölk, Christoph